SBC and SBG Modular

The SBC and SBG conveyor has been designed with the needs of the professional grower in mind.

The modular design allows the customer to choose specific lengths of conveyor. This design also aides in filling the needs for expansion with easy to add on parts for increased conveyor lengths.

The SBC and SBG are suitable for use as a potting and transplanting conveyor or whatever needs the customer may have. Options listed on back show customer control in design of conveyor.

With options of fully assembled or as a ready to build kit, this new conveyor gives the customer many options to cut costs and still have a high quality piece of equipment. The Modular Conveyor has been designed and manufactured with same attention to detail and quality as all Bouldin & Lawson equipment. The SBG has a center drive and 2″ rollers at each end to ensure smooth transfer of 6″ pots is the other equipment

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