Sticking, Watering & Transplanting

Heavy Duty Dibble Conveyor

With the appropriate dibble board, trays move through the Dibble Conveyor where holes are pressed into the media ensuring even spacing and plant depth. The operator’s hands are free to insert plants into pre-dibbled holes. Capable of running up to 11 trays per minute.

Pro Sticking Line

sticking flats cut

Affordable for any size grower and is available as 8 – 12 – 16 and 32 stations. Quickly adjusts too many different tray sizes and Includes dibble station for single or multiple holes per cell. It is designed for the removal of upper staging conveyor which then allows for lower conveyor to be used as a manual plant line for flats, hanging baskets, pots and patio planters. The Pro Sticking Line increases productivity of in-line sticking.

Transplanting Conveyors

Transplant Conveyor 4-seat

Dibbled flats or pots move through the Transplanting Conveyor where a crew of 4 to 6 operators (two models available) sit at work stations placing plants into pre-dibbled flats. Designed with adjustable seats and plug tray racks for maximum comfort and productivity. Includes variable speed controls, production counter, and wheels for ease of portability.


TagMaster Clipped

The Bouldin & Lawson TagMaster Tagger is designed to work with our high-output transplanters, offering up to 650 trays per hour. The TagMaster can be used with an integrated system being fed automatically, or independently in a hand-fed operation.

Water Pro Recirculation System

The versatile PRO LINE Watering System waters both flats and pots. The Watering System is designed to fit seamlessly with existing seeding, potting or transplanting lines. Features an In-line filtration system to decontaminate water prior to product watering.

Watering System


The versatile Pro Line Watering System waters both flats and pots. This system is designed to fit seamlessly with existing seeding, potting or transplanting lines. With a wide variety of nozzles and other options, this system will accomodate all of your watering needs.