131 Pro

Model No: 13183

The 131 Pro Flat and Pot Filling System is designed for growers who need high speed production with uniform filling of multiple types of growing containers, including plug flats, hanging baskets, and nursery pots.

A variable speed hopper supplies soil to the filling conveyor. Compaction is controlled by an adjustable power sweep assembly. Excess soil is removed from the container by an adjustable soil wiper. Trays or pots then pass through a rotary brush where any excess material is removed.

As filled containers cross the powered pot transfer, unused material is returned to the hopper via the improved heavy duty auger soil return (optional bucket system). The 131 Pro will fill pots up to 16″ (optional 18″) high and flats up to18″ wide.


Power: 6 HP/ 220V/ Single or Three Phase/ 50 or 60 HZ
Dimensions: 144″L x 61″W x 114″H
Production: Up to 1,800 flats per hour
Weight: Approximately 2,250 lbs
Portability: 4″ casters optional
Features: 1.5 cubic yard hopper
Full variable speed
Optional compacting roller

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