Flat Fillers

Mini Flat Filler

Mini full

The Mini Flat Filler is designed for the grower who wants to take the first step into automation or for the larger grower with a specialty need. This equipment gives the user high-speed production, simplicity of operation, low maintenance. The Mini Flat Filler is the most cost effective way to uniformly fill plug flats on a small scale.

Maxi Flex Filler


The standard specifications are impressive and include: power pot transfer, 16″ clearance for tall pots, extended auger style soil return for the heaviest soil filling conditions and no spillage.

Maxi Pro


High Speed production and uniform filling of multiple types of containers are characteristics that define the new Maxi Pro Filler. Equipped with a 1.5 HP AC variable speed soil chain, the unit is capable of filling a full range of containers from plug trays to hanging baskets and pots.


133-FX cut

The FX filler uses a cascading soil delivery for very uniform filling. High Speed production and consistent uniform filling of multiple types of containers are characteristics that define the FX Filler.

131 Pro

New 131Pro 014 cut

The 131 Pro Flat and Pot Filling System is designed for growers who need high speed production with uniform filling of multiple types of growing containers, including plug flats, hanging baskets, and nursery pots. A variable speed hopper supplies soil to the filling conveyor.

EP 2200 Potting Machine


The EP 2200 fills and drills from 1 – 7 gallon pots. Changeover from one pot size to another is quick and simple, no pot holders required. The EP 2200 has power sweeps and a rotary brush, same as a standard flat filler, allowing you to fill your flats and cell trays for added flexibility.