Model No: 18860

This machine is designed to destroy the volatility of powder charges and primers associated with live ammunition which becomes inadvertently commingled with a supply of small arms spent shell casings.

This proprietary system efficiently transforms the live ammunition back into its individual solid metallic components thus decontaminating material to a 5x level thereby rendering the brass inert and releasable to the general public.

The Safety Certification Unit is regulated under 40 CFR as a flashing furnace.

The Safety Certification Unit for Small Arms Brass consists of an in-feed conveyor with a hopper, propane burner, heating chamber, discharge conveyor and propane generator.

Expended brass casings are loaded into the hopper on the in-feed conveyor and carried to the heating chamber where they travel toward the discharge end while being processed.

The brass passes through the heating chamber before being released onto the out-feed conveyor which carries it upward and discharges at a 5’ dump height.


  • GSA ship weight 8,000 lbs
  • 8′ wide, 26′ long
  • Processes 1,000 – 2,000 lbs per hour.*
  • Operating temperature is 1,600° F
  • 110 V/ Single phase generator
  • Propane Fuel
  • 14″ x 8′ chain and flight in-feed conveyor
  • 14″ x 8′ enclosed chain and flight conveyor
  • 110 V/ Single phase motors

* Processing rate is dependent of caliber and mix of spent brass (up to 50 cal.).


  • 8’x26′ trailer with brakes and electric break-away safety system
  • The Retort Chamber Burner is propane fueled with low emissions
  • The Propane Genset has an electric start and provides power to conveyors and burners