InstaPotter Pro with Drill

The Insta Potter Pro with Drill Option is designed for efficient potting of step-up’s as well as bare root materials into containers ranging from 14” to 24” diameter.

A variable speed low-profile 2 yard hopper or optional 4 yard provides a consistent flow of material over a 24” wide variable speed planting conveyor. This allows the grower to set the pace to meet production goals.

An automatic soil return system recovers unused soil and delivers it back to the material hopper. The system is easy to operate, with quick change-overs and low maintenance.



Power: 220 Volt/Single or 3-phase/ 50 or 60 Hz
Production: up to 2,750 1 gallon pots an hour (1,850 drilling)
Options: Bulk feeding system.
Vibrator for planting conveyor.
4 yard hopper
In-feed or take-off conveyors.

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