MixMaker™ Custom Mixing Systems

Bouldin & Lawson pioneered the development of the Continuous Soil Mixing System. The MixMaker Systems are superior systems for the greenhouse and nursery industries because of their consistency and accuracy.

MixMaker systems provide a continuous supply of media that is evenly mixed with minimal damage to particle integrity. You can specify combinations of various sized hoppers.

If you are mixing heavier materials such as sand or clay, the hoppers can be fitted with extra bed-rollers instead of slide-beds in the hopper conveyors which significantly extends the life of the system.

The chemical hoppers deliver small quantities of fertilizers and trace elements (pounds per cubic yard of mix) dependably and accurately. Benefits include storing and changing recipes, integrating with multiple machines, and automatically supplying different mixes to different machines at the same time.

For large commercial users, custom MixMaker Systems are available to produce up to 150 cubic yards per hour. Whatever your needs, Bouldin & Lawson has the experience and knowledge to meet your mixing requirements.

Options: Hopper options:2.6, 4, or 10 cubic yards, also various chemical hopper sizes. Each will provide precise delivery of material to meet your specifications.

Soil mixing system operation options:

  • on/off automatically by production machinery
  • run continuously to stockpile mix
  • bulk-load into trucks

Whatever your needs, Bouldin & Lawson has the experience and knowledge to fulfill them.

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