PlugPlanter S Model

The B&L PlugPlanter S models offer fast accurate planting, quick change-over and CNC operating system for one of the easiest, quickest setups available.  Quick-change grippers for easily switching plug size and push-up pins to ensure soft or young plugs are extracted and planted without damage. The PlugPlanter gives you flexibility to use your plug tray widthwise or lengthwise on the same machine to match container and plug tray count in the most efficient way.
Independent gripper movement
Available from 16 – 32 grippers
Servo driven gripper
User friendly graphical touch-screen control
CNC control system
Electronic planting depth and plug tray height adjustment
Finish Containers:
Flats, shuttle trays, and individual pots 6” – 10” hanging basket
Plug Trays:
From 512 to 50 cell trays
Max Gripper Spread:
16 gripper 72”
24 gripper 72”
32 gripper 96”
Transplanting Speed:
16 gripper up to 16,400 plugs/hour **
24 gripper up to 24,000 plugs/hour **
32 gripper up to 32,500 plugs/hour **
Electrical Requirements:
220 VAC, single or three phase
**Example: rate depends on plug tray and finish container specs.

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