Bale Processing


Model No: 16560 The PowerBuster is designed to easily load and process multiple or single peat moss and pre-mixed compressed bales (110 cubic foot and smaller). Features include a 5 HP, 220V electric motor with starter and controls and a live walking floor that meters out consistent amounts of processed material. The PowerBuster can also …

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BP-05v Bale Processor

An innovative look at bale processing has brought this new Pro Line unit to the market. The BP-05v is a vertical bale processor that remains vertical during operation saving time, space and energy. Fully automated and programmable controls allows the grower to process various types of materials with their choice of optional outputs. The functionality …

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Basic Fluffer

Model No: 16501 (14″ wide conveyor) 16506 (18″ wide conveyor) Mounted on an Incline Conveyor, the Basic Fluffer has a broad range of applications in preparing greenhouse and nursery growing media. This rugged and cost-effective attachment saves valuable time and manual labor. It is designed to convert baled or compressed materials into usable media ready …

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