Optional Bagging Accessories

Diagram key:
A – Soil bagger
B – Bag carrying conveyor
C – Hot air sealer
D – Bag Kicker
E – Bag flattening conveyor
F – Elevating platform
G – Palletizing carousel

To enhance your packaging operation add these optional pieces of equipment. Bags travel down the bag carrying conveyor (B) after having been filled by a soil bagger (A)and sealed with a hot air sealer (C).

The bags then travel to the bag kicker (D) and are diverted onto a bag flattening conveyor (E), where they are compressed and flattened while moving up the elevating platform (F). Bags are then stacked on the palletizing carousel (G).

The elevating platform is raised hydraulically as the stack on the carousel becomes higher. When the pallet is filled, the platform can be lowered and the carousel then rotated 90° to provide personnel with a new pallet. The filled pallet is then taken away by a forklift and is ready to be stretch-wrapped for shipment.

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