Electric Bagger

Model No: 17021 The Soil Bagger is a bagging machine that can accurately bag tough, dense soils, as well as lighter potting mixes. It will handle most grades of potting soil with accuracy and speed. The Soil Bagger uses a foot switch, leaving the operator's hands free. The automatic bag holding chute opens, holding the …

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Tote Filler

The Tote Filler can be used to fill most tote style bags, typically 55 cu ft - 65 cu ft. The bag straps are slid over the holding frame and the bag is clamped open and filled with a loader or from a bagger. This unit comes complete with a weigh scale allowing accurate filling. …

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Mulch Bagger

Model No: 18533 A revolutionary design allows the Mulch Bagger to handle bark, nuggets, hardwood mulch, cypress mulch, chips, and many other wood by-products. A rotary drum that works like a water wheel combs the rough mulch into an even flow for bagging. The electric-drive system will allow you to fill as many as 18 …

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