Shown with optional recirculation

Pro Tray Washer

Planning to reuse/ recycle trays and flats? The B&L Tray Washer Pro provides automated speed and efficiency in preparing trays for reuse.

Trays are loaded onto the conveyor belt and enter a totally enclosed stainless steel hood where they are washed. The hood provides 18″ x 28″ x 6’5″ of clearance for various sized trays. Pressure pumps provide ample cleaning power with jet nozzles staged for maximum efficiency with hot water wash and cold water rinse. An optional chemical injector can utilized for wash additives or disinfectant at exit. Optional recirculation system is available to eliminate water waste and reduce the cost of reheating the water.

Trays exit the washer still carried by conveyor which extends beyond hooded wash unit. Variable speed controls allow the user to set the pace of cleaning. Adjustable tray stabilizing rails provide the user with the ability to change to meet their needs. Available in single or three phase voltage and can be built to customer specifications/requirements.

Note: this Unit not designed to get trays “perfectly” clean.

Sample trays are required. 


Power: 220V single or three phase
Production: Up to 300 trays per hr.

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Shown with optional recirculation