Specialty Equipment

The Incorporator™

Model No: 12410 (single phase) 12411 (three phase) The Incorporator Chemical Incorporation Unit is designed to blend one or more chemicals into bulk material for delivery to production equipment (up to 50 cubic yards per hour). The standard configuration is a 4 cubic yard hopper with variable speed chemical hoppers and a FloThru mixing head. …

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Seed Cleaner

Model No: 19300 (single speed) 19301 (variable speed) Available in two models: single and variable speed. The Bouldin & Lawson Seed Cleaner is designed to clean seed with soft pulp, such as dogwood, apple, and pear. The Seed Cleaner operates with a small stream of water in the hopper to remove pulp. This process leaves …

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Shown with optional recirculation

Pro Tray Washer

Planning to reuse/ recycle trays and flats? The B&L Tray Washer Pro provides automated speed and efficiency in preparing trays for reuse. Trays are loaded onto the conveyor belt and enter a totally enclosed stainless steel hood where they are washed. The hood provides 18″ x 28″ x 6’5″ of clearance for various sized trays. …

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SPD Pot Dispenser

Model No: 13535 The SPD Pot Dispenser is a new generation of labor saving automation. Designed to simplify your work and increase productivity. Pots are loaded in stacks into the carry rack and separated one by one with precision placement into individual shuttle trays. Benefits- Eliminates need to pre-fill shuttle trays thus saving space, reduces …

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