The Incorporator™

Model No: 12410 (single phase) 12411 (three phase)

The Incorporator Chemical Incorporation Unit is designed to blend one or more chemicals into bulk material for delivery to production equipment (up to 50 cubic yards per hour).

The standard configuration is a 4 cubic yard hopper with variable speed chemical hoppers and a FloThru mixing head. The unit is powered by three 1-1/2HP/220V/Single or Three phase motors and controls.

The Low Profile Incorporator™

Model # 12461 (single phase) 12463 (three phase)

The Low Profile Incorporator or Chemical/Fertilizer Incorporation Unit is designed to blend one or more chemicals/fertilizers into bulk material and or pre-mix for delivery to production equipment. Same benefits as standard Incorporator but its low profile design allow for easy loading in height restricted situations.

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